Cozy Bali Suite

ROOM Room type
For Transients:
Regular PriceNT$1800
Special OfferNT$1250
For Regular Accommodation Guests:
Regular PriceNT$7000
Special OffersNT$3850/Normal Days,NT$4550/Holidays
  • Room space: 16 pins
  • 42” TV
  • 20” LCD TV (bathroom facility)
  • Queen-Sized Pocketed Spring Mattresses
  • Double Massage Bathtub
  • HCG Shower Toilet
  • Private Parking Space & Meal Serving Counter
  • Surrounding/Background Music & Light Effects
  • Tea Bags
  • Considerate Guestroom Utilities
A Bali inspired guestroom is a place where you shall enjoy homely coziness and peaceful mind away from the busy world.
Slow life paceand tropical décor make an artful life.
Everything is so peaceful and awaiting for your visit to meet your needs.

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